Thursday, December 21, 2017

December's Underappreciated Music: Shirley Ellis, "You Better Be Good, World"

December's Underappreciated Music is a Christmas tune, but an unusual one.

"You Better Be Good, World" is recorded by Shirley Ellis, who is most famous for "The Name Game." This song, however, is much heavier in tone. The music is literally offbeat, if upbeat, and the lyrics are a bit foreboding, warning the human race to get its act together for Christmas and the new year, and not let "the hydrogen bomb go boom boom." Shirley is direct and to the point!

Considering the harrowing times we're in, this song from 1965 is unfortunately still timely today. I wouldn't recommend this song be added to your Christmas party playlist, but it is worth a listen for its bold take on a holiday tune.

Enjoy! Don't let the hydrogen bomb go boom boom!

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Todd Mason said...

I won't let the H-bombs go if you won't, Brian! Happier new year!