Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tuesday's Overlooked TV: Al Alberts Christmas Special (1979)

I love this week's Tuesday's Overlooked TV. It's the locally produced Al Alberts Christmas Special!

Al Alberts Showcase was a weekly variety series produced and aired locally in Philadelphia from the 1970s straight through the 1990s. It was hosted by singer Al Alberts, who had been a member of the vocal group The Four Aces (their biggest hit was a version of "Three Coins in the Fountain"). The content consisted of occasional performances by Alberts, but mostly by performances of young children singing, dancing, and telling corny jokes.

It was amazingly kitschy, but it was a big hit in Philly. Here is an hour-long Christmas special that aired in 1979. This special hits all my soft spots: local TV, produced in Philly, with retro Christmas flair. I can't not love this!


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