Thursday, July 25, 2013

July's Underappreciated Music: Barbara Lewis

I unfortunately wasn't prepared for June, but I'm back for Underappreciated Music for July. This month, I shine a spotlight on smooth R&B singer Barbara Lewis.

While never a breakout star, Lewis had a great soulful voice which improved any song she touched. She first gained national attention with her #3 pop hit Hello Stranger in 1963.

Her next two biggest hits appeared in 1965. One is the fine "Make Me Your Baby."

But I believe her finest song is in fact one of my favorite songs by anyone ever. It's a favorite of my mother, and I've fallen in love with it as much as she has. This ranks right up there with the best love songs of all time. The beautiful "Baby I'm Yours." I defy you to find another song as amazing!

Lewis still tours occasionally today. I'm happy to share her great work with you. Thanks!

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