Monday, October 28, 2013

Monsters Cereals TV Commercials from Four Decades

Only four days left of the Countdown to Halloween! It is amazingly how quickly it goes by every year. Only thing we can do is to enjoy the ride. We take on the beginning of the end is sweet style.

This Halloween season has been dominated by the existence of all five General Mills Monster Cereals at one time, as you well know, so let's take our second look at the cereals this season (here is the first) by enjoying 25 minutes of compiled TV commercials for the cereals in one sitting! It's fun to see the evolution of both the characters and the commercial production over the last 40-plus decades.

40-plus decades--wow!


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Wings1295 said...

Always great. I bought all five this year and only rebought one extra box of Count Chocula when it ran out. I should get more at the market! And yeah, boy did the countdown fly by. Being sick the last week has not helped. :P