Friday, October 12, 2012

Burger Chef Monster Records

Holy Halloween, the Countdown is almost half over already! Time really does fly when you're having fun, and it has indeed been a blast this year, as it always is.

Last year, I posted this commercial for a now defunct fast food restaurant chain called Burger Chef, featuring the character Wolfburger the werewolf.

After posting that clip, I started getting other Burger Chef clips in my YouTube profile that featured audio records that were given as free gifts with Burger Chef meals back in the day. These records feature a variety of other spooky-themed characters, such as Fangburger the vampire, Cackleburger the witch (I like that name in particular), and Crankenburger the Frankenstein monster.

These stories are very cute; I would have loved these as a kid, but I didn't have any Burger Chef restaurants near me that I recall. I had never even heard of the chain before I came across the Wolfburger commercial. If you ever ate at a Burger Chef restaurant, please tell me what they were like in the comments, especially if you received one of these records yourself. I'm also curious to know if these characters were only around during Halloween time, or if they were used year-round. Thanks!


Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

I used to eat there as a kid. No, the characters were only for Halloween. I seem to recall getting one of these recordings too but alas of course do not have it.
~Naila Moon

Phillyradiogeek said...

Thanks Naila, and nice blog! A belated Happy Birthday to your son :)

Wings1295 said...

I remember Burger Chef well, and the characters, but I don't remember these records at all. Cool!

Tom said...

Burger Chef was our go to fast-food restaurant when I was a kid, not that we went that often. For a short span of my childhood, it was a tradition to go to a local strip mall once a month where I would get my haircut, go to the drug store for some comic books, the Ben Franklin for candy and finished up with lunch at Burger Chef. Their "Works Bar" allowed you to take a simple kids cheeseburger and turn it into a feast. Plus each Fun Meal (the first kids meal in fast food history) came with a token for a sundae after you finished your meal. The chain was bought out by Hardees in the early '80's. I've despised Hardee's ever since.

Tom said...

By the way, I even have an old Burger Chef booth in my basement.