Friday, October 5, 2012

Challenge of the Super Friends: Swamp of the Living Dead

With today's post, my first week of the Countdown to Halloween comes to an end. Wow, that went fast! But don't worry, there are still 3+ weeks to go, so there are still plenty of scares on the way!

When at our most frightened, our thought is usually, "I need a hero!" That's just what you get today, as I present a fun episode of one of my favorite Saturday morning shows of all time, the Super Friends. Today, the Justice League once again faces the evil Legion of Doom; this time, however, the Legion has command over a horde of zombies. Please enjoy the Challenge of the Super Friends episode "Swamp of the Living Dead." Thanks!

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Eric said...

Hi. My name is Eric Shonborn, and the image you are using on this post is my artwork. I'm glad you like it enough to use it, however, a credit and maybe a link to my website or other work would be nice. Or, removal of the image entirely would be better, since it is absolutely in the top 5 worst things I've ever drawn.